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James Japp’s long association with Hercule Poirot began in 1904, when Poirot was with the Belgium Police and Japp was a detective with Scotland Yard. They worked on the unrecorded Abercrombie forgery case and subsequently on the Baron Altara case. Captain Hastings described Japp as “a little, sharp, dark, ferret-faced man,” and Japp and Poirot remained good friends despite what Poirot considered Japp’s unfortunate lack of method in his investigations: “Japp is the ‘younger generation knocking at the door.’ And ma foi! They are so busy knocking that they do not notice that the door is open!” Among Japp’s more memorable characteristics was his ability to constantly mispronounce “Moosier Poirot’s” name; he was also a zealous amateur botanist. He once said to Poirot: “I shouldn’t wonder if you ended by detecting your own death ... That’s an idea, that is. Ought to be put in a book.” ''The Mysterious Affair at Styles; Poirot Investigates; The Big Four; Peril at End House; Lord Edgware Dies; The ABC Murders; Death in the Clouds;Murder in the Mews” from ''Murder in the Mews; One, Two, Buckle My Shoe;The Flock of Geryon” and “The Capture of Cerberus” from ''The Labours of Hercules;The Plymouth Express,” “The Affair at the Victory Ball,” and “The Market Basing Mystery” from ''The Under Dog.

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